So you want to Score A in PMR BM exam?
华文版Click Here “Here are the sure-fire methods you have yet to discover. By Lee Choo Hock, the superstar tutor of Why do some students score A so easily in BM exams — while you try everything possible and barely pass or even fail? What if there was a way you could score above average, A, or even A+ or 100%, how high would you rank academically in your class as a result?
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If you could find out how to turn your result around by attending an effective tuition course, this is it. We dare you to. If you are a student in Malaysian high school, you are about to learn the most often overlooked truth about how to Score A in BM exams. If you’ve ever wondered what the single most important skill is in scoring A, that when mastered, would single-handedly account for better result than any other skill. I would tell you, without a doubt — it’s the ability to write compelling sentences. That’s because the single most important ability of any A star student is … writing great and even fantastic sentences, which at the same time also leads to writing A+ essays! Listen closely. You could spend a bundle buying reference books, studying them page by page, attending tuition every week, doing lots of homework and study like crazy — but all the effort isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t know how exactly you could improve on BM. In the next 5 minutes, we’ll show you how to easily master the skill of writing great sentences, constructing compelling essays, score A+ in BM exams, and reap immeasurable satisfaction and pride. Here are just a few things you’ll learn from reading this article:
  • Why 80% of students are missing the mark - how they put their effort studying the wrong stuff – and consequently score low in BM exams.
  • Why most tuition classes can’t help students to get great results
  • How to dramatically boost your exam score – and help you obtain scholarship easily
  • Why scoring A in BM will generally change your life – you will get to travel and study in the best school, all sponsored
  • Why this course can boost your exam results not just in the BM subject, but also in Sejarah, Geografi and Kemahiran Hidup.

There is a simple and effective learning method that can improve your BM language ability tremendously. Once this method is followed, anyone can achieve excellence result. This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you – but only if you take the first step. Your first step is to read this article in its entirety. Please don’t just skim through it — we don’t want you to miss a single word because when we demystify BM learning for you, you simply cannot fail but score better than 90% of your classmates.

The Top Students study smart, not study hard.
You’ve heard it said before. Some students score excellent result not by studying hard. They study smart by mastering the most important ability to do well in exams. But students are not born with the sense of how to study smart. They somehow met someone, maybe a mentor, a senior, a teacher or a tutor who are capable of showing them how to study smart. Smart parents who care about their kids’ exam result are constantly looking for this so-called superstar mentor who can lead their kids to study smart and become the one of the top students. We dare to declare to you that LeeChooHock is 100% qualified to be called a super tutor because in every year, over 80% of his students score A in PMR exams, and from his tuition centre alone, there are more than 100 students score A and A+ in BM SPM every single year. And the best thing they like about his teaching is that they are never required to do homework. Just pay attention in his class and you will be able to score above average, A or even A+.
All the good stuff are reserved for top students only
In our country, if you score below par in BM exams, your future education is doomed. It is even worse if you fail BM. You won’t even get a Certificate. Without a certificate, your application to university, colleges, or even Form Six is simply rejected, regardless of your 100% score in Mathematics and Science subjects. Unless your parents are super wealthy, you are going to have a tough time ahead. You either start working up from the very bottom rank of a company, or you are going to burn a hole in your parents’ retirement fund account trying to send you to private colleges. And you know what, all the opposite – all the good stuff like scholarship, best schools, preferred courses, living expenses sponsorship are all reserved for the top students who study right beside you. It is because they score excellent results, they get the best scholarship with the highest education fund allocated just for them. The air tickets are sponsored. The overseas accommodation are paid for. They get to study in the most famous university around the globe – US, UK, Europe and Japan. They attend lectures given by the smartest group of people on earth. Their university mates are all the brightest and the richest future millionaires. They get to travel overseas and all these are paid for. Think of how high is the pride of their parents. In fact, you might have studied just as hard as they do. But you study the wrong stuff. What a big difference huh? While they are enjoying their wonderful life, you are suffering and worrying about your future just because you don’t know how to improve BM. You just need to meet the right person in your life to succeed. The good news is that we have found him – we have identified who is actually capable of making all your dreams come true. He is of course the super tutor Mr. Lee Choo Hock.
Secrets of Scoring Excellent result in BM exams
Lee Choo Hock started teaching BM tuition class in 1985. Over the past decades, he has taught more than thousands of students who successfully score A in BM. But LCH has only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just like everyone else. His classes are so full that parents beg to get their kids sit in his class. But reluctantly, he has to reject hundreds of students and parents every year. You can say that we started as a solution to the scarcity of skilled super tutors. There simply are too many students needing professional and result-driven super tutors – and only a handful of expert tutors to do the work. Even if one could find and afford good tuition classes, chances are, the classes are fully enrolled. Or the classes are so packed that your kid can
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hardly pay attention . Therefore, we wanted to provide a solution for the thousands of students that would enable them to learn in the comfort of their homes to easily improve their BM. And that’s how came into existence. LCH condensed all the effective BM teaching techniques that have taken him a lifetime to acquire . … The GTuition BM Online Tuition course – a one-of-a-kind program with a 10-hour curriculum spread out over 10 weeks of online classes. The Online Tuition course consists of a huge bank vault of BM learning secrets – most of which no other tuition teacher in existence knows, and most of which you won’t find in any book or course that’s presently being taught. LCH has held these teaching materials copyrighted because he basically designed every question and wrote all the sample essays.

LeeChooHock’s classes are fully subscribed!
LCH literally had to turn away all others who tried to enrol after his class had already reached maximum attendance. Here are just a few tricks LCH revealed in the course
  • The incredible formula for writing fantastic BM sentences. It not only enables you to correctly convey your BM writing ability, but can also help you easily impress the teachers who mark your exam papers.
  • Common imbuhan magic that work well showing off your BM skills. Countless students and writers are making these deadly mistakes everyday – and don’t even know that they’re killing their exam scores in the process.
  • How to write compelling essays (karangan) in a way that dramatically boost your exam score.
  • How to replace common phrases and terms with better vocabulary choices so that your sentences and essays (karangan) always stand out among your classmates!
  • How to write ringkasan karangan that attain full marks

So you see, LCH condensed everything he has researched about scoring excellent result In BM exam over the last 25 years into 10 hours of pure effective teaching. Quite frankly, there isn’t a course out there that is as comprehensive as this – at any price- that can propel any student to record tremendous improvement in just a few weeks. By popular demand, we have devised a way for you to benefit from LCH teaching techniques in the most convenient way. We have produced the online course so that

  • You can learn at your own pace
  • You can repeat the course as many times and as often as you wish
  • You need not hurry and get stuck in the traffic jam just to attend the live tuition classes. No more traffic JAM
  • You need not pay the full course tuition fees
  • You literally learn it anywhere anytime as long as you are in front of a PC that is connected to the Internet.
  • You need not do any extra homework – just watch the teaching video with full attention

… But still get the benefits of the entire curriculum
How much is all this worth to you?
Back in our study years, if someone had offered this effective tuition course to us, we would have been willing to pay RM100 a month, RM150 a month or even RM200/month to learn the craft that would get me an A1 or A+ in BM exams. How about you? How much is all this worth to you? What is the value of scoring BM A+ that can earn you several hundred thousand ringgits of scholarship? What is it worth to master the national language that enables you to study whichever course you choose, at any university, in any country, with full sponsorship? As we have estimated, LCH hourly rate is RM1000 an hour. So if you were to quantify the amount of instruction that you’ll receive from LCH (10 hours of recorded video instruction), you are getting RM20,000 worth of instruction. We are sure you realize that this online tuition course is worth every cent for all the great results you could score in exams. But the good news is that you don’t have to pay RM20,000 for the course. Your price is only RM800 – that is a savings of RM19,600 to you – a 96% discount off the one-on-one tuition fee. Here is even better news: if you reserve your spot of GTuition Form 1&2 BM Online Tuition course NOW, you’ll be given a further cash rebate. Please understand that you need to pay RM400 only if you reserve your membership spot NOW. So reserve your spot now, and access the tuition immediately.
RM400 now only RM150
  • Level 1: 10 Modules of Form PMR Bahasa Malaysia Online Tuition course
  • Unlimited access to the videos and PDF files that you can print easily
  • After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes. You’ll get several more videos added to the membership every week up to 10 modules total.
  • Your membership starts today until 31st December 2013, giving you more than enough time to study the materials and brag about your improved result.

You risk absolutely nothing
The PMR BM Online Tuition course is 100% guaranteed to be the most worthy tuition course investment you’ve ever madeor your money back. The guarantee is simple – you assume zero risk. Here’s the deal: Go ahead and sit in our online tuition class without risking a single cent. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied — we will be happy to refund every ringgit of your purchase. Just email or call us to ask for a no-hassle refund. No explanation is necessary. You are under absolutely no obligation to keep the course if you’re not satisfied.
RM400 now only RM150

You can expect immediate results
Remember: after you finish the first few modules of tuition, you can immediately implement the proven writing model you’ve learned, and start getting higher mark in BM exams. When you have decided that you want to study our online tuition course, please don’t delay. As we mentioned, you will be paying more the longer you wait. And all classes stop on 31st December 2013, which means that if you get in now, you can enjoy the tuition course from now until the end of December 2013. Imagine that if you procrastinate, and wait until longer to join us, you will have to rush through the course within 2-4 months to prepare for your school exams. Don’t miss out on this offer that will never be repeated. Lock in your position now before it’s too late. Wishing you achieving great results in the exams, team